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Enterolab Or Alternative Lab?

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First off, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and reply.  :P


Anyway, I am thinking of getting some sort of "diagnoses". I really do NOT want to get out there and eat a whack load of gluten as I have been gluten-free since April. Hence the reason I don't want a standard blood test.  I already KNOW that I am, at the very least, NCGS. I don't really need the dx to tell myself that I shouldn't eat gluten. However, I DO feel it would be nice to have at least something solid so I can say to others, "hey, I am NCGS" as per dx. You know? I just feel that some of the eyerollers might finally get it. You know? I mean, hey, if I had diabetes no one would doubt me (or any of us) but for some reason gluten sensitivities or celiac is perceived, by NON-gluten sensitive people, as a 'popular' thing to have.  :rolleyes:  It's utterly ridiculous that we have to "prove" something like this. 


I hope I am making sense with my line of reasoning. I am typically not someone who particularly cares what others think but food affects soooo much in life. EVERY social gathering is food-related. Every family dinner is food-related. Every time you pass the sample table at Costco and someone says to you, "oh, it's just a sample" is food-related. And it all gets to a point where you want to shake the other people who do not "get it". I guess I just want something that I can point to as proof of my suspicions. 


Anyway, does anyone have a recommended lab outside of Enterolab? Or does everyone still have faith in Enterolab and their testing? Also, what test would you chose to get? There are many. 



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Currently, there are no medically accepted tests for Celiac that can be done without eating gluten.  Nor are there any tests for NCGS.

You could just tell people you have a diagnosis?  Its not really any of their business how yo are diagnosed.



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