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Clinical Significance Of Genetic Test Results?

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Hi everyone!

I posted here a few months ago with a host of non-specific symptoms (of which I still haven't been able to decipher if they are part of Hashimoto's, imbalanced gut flora due to a heavy dose of antibiotics this year or a crappy diet). Nothing to really jump out at me (like an irregular menstrual cycle) to say "a-ha! this is something seriously abnormal going on here!" The most annoying symptom has to be a feeling of constant sleepiness, and loose, smelly stools all the time regardless of what I am eating.

I decided to do a genetic test because I was curious, but at the same time knowing that the clinical significance would be very little due to the fact that 40% of people have a genetic predisposition. 

My gene test was positive for DQ8 and a DQX.x (X means non DBQ2/DBQ8 and x means non DQA5) - which only puts me on a *slightly* higher risk than the general population, a 1 in 89 chance opposed to a 1 in 100. From what I understand, fewer than 10% of people with celiac have DQ8 and the majority have DQ2. 

Do I need to do regular testing for celiac disease in this case? Or can I just lay low on testing in the meanwhile? My TTG-IgA test was negative in August, although I probably know I should try doing the full panel at least once.



edit: Also, isn't DQ8 associated with thyroiditis? That may explain why I have it! X_X and probably a genetic predisposition to a host of other AI diseases, too. My dad has 3 AI conditions, as of 2013.

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