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Hello everyone,


For the last year I've had crippling pain in my hands.  The swelling of joints happen, along with sharp pain.  I also lose the ability to grip items.  And type.


First people thought tendonitis, then they thought arthritis.  I saw a Rheumie for a year, and a battery of tests showed that there's no joint damage, everything on her end was fine.  I tried five different anti-inflammatories, they did nothing to help.  I also tried Tramadol, and Tylenol 3, and I was immune to them too.


I went to visit an osteopath, and he did the applied kinesiology test.   His test showed I am sensitive to the protein in milk, all grains (except brown rice), and nightshades.  He told me to go on a modified Paleio diet (meat, lettuce, almond milk), which I did for ten days.  During those ten days the pain did not improve at all – although I did lose 18 pounds due to my hyper metobalism.


I also had a IgG test done.  With that test I scored 100 on cow’s milk, 85 for rice, 58 for Cocoa Beans, and 51 with cashews.  Goat’s Milk was 38.  Wheat and gluten tested fine.  I was really excited to learn these results……until I went online and found out that IgG tests aren’t reliable either.


Now, during that ten days my bowl movements went a bit smoother than usual.  After the tenth day I had some mozzarella cheese……it didn’t go too well.  That leads me to believe both tests were correct in that cow’s milk and I don’t get along.


Do you guys know if cow’s milk can cause these kind of symptoms?  How long would it take to see any kind of improvement?  It's my thumb joints, specifically.

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Hi there and Welcome to the Forum  :)


I really don't see anything celiac/NGCI related. however you may have issues in your hands from carpel tunnel.  Also some people are intolerant to lactose whether they have gut issues or not.  Sorry I don't have the magic answer for you.  As you know we are not Doctors here.  We all  here have problems related to gluten and it really doesn't sound like that is your issue IMHO.


Good luck to you.



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