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Can you be Celiac if you have normal stools?


When I get glutened, I tend to have many of the symptoms mentioned by others including nausea, acid reflux, indigestion, and constipation. My arms feel week, I become fatigued and sleep all day long, I can't even move sometimes from my bed even though I am awake. Oh and I get extremely bloated belly.

These tend to happen every time I get glutened. But then there are symptoms that don't happen all the time that makes me confused as to whether I really have Celiac or not.


Some days I have stabbing pains in my tummy and some days not.

Other times I have this diarrhea like stomachache and so have an urge to go but nothing comes out or very little, and they are normal looking stools not watery or loose. Sorry if TMI


Some days I get even more hungry and gobble everything in sight even after my meal

Other days I haven't eaten all day and am still not hungry.


I heard that people with malapsorption issues will see oil floating at the top of their toilets and undigested food. I don't see any oil and occassionally I see many undigested food but I wonder if it is just because I try eating a lot of fiber to help with constipation and other days it looks completely normal. So I don't know whether I am absorbing or not. I lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time but I have been restricting intake due to pain but never a caloric amount too low that I should have lost a lot of weight. I tried increasing my intake but besides days I am ravenously hungry, I can't seem to eat much from diarrhea like pain.


Sorry I seem to be rambling I guess my main questions are:

Can you have Celiac and have normal stools?

Does anyone have similar symtpoms as mine who has Celiac? Did it improve after going gluten-free?

Do people with abdominal pain still try to eat a little something even though you have tummy aches if you know you haven't eaten in a while because you know you need to eat something or do you just not eat. I am underweight and know I need to eat but wonder if others do try to force themselves to eat a little something even if they have to go through the pain. It would be relieving to hear some responses. Thanks so much!


I have to admit I should be trying to get a diagnosis but I am so scared to find that I do have Celiac I don't know why. Please I hope you can understand and not be too disrespectful if you must give me some criticism. Sigh

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The short answer is yes.  You can have any combination of potential symptoms - sometimes, all the time, or never - and have Celiac.  Every body is different.  I didn't have any symptoms at all and I have Celiac.

One thing I noticed in your post though is that you take a lot of fiber to help with constipation.  If you get constipation than you can't really say your stools are completely normal.


Your other symptoms, especially the fatigue and belly-bloat are definite Celiac indicators.  In my opinion, you should definitely get tested.

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