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I finally got tested for Celiac disease a couple weeks ago after a false positive on the Biocard test. They came back negative. My next step was the allergist because my fast heart rate after eating was getting absurd and the stomach cramps were back. So the allergist did a whole slew of skin prick tests. I came up positive for being allergic to oranges, cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce, onion, beef, lamb, and soy. I don't have any actual reactions to any of these except cantaloupe and watermelon which I have avoided for years. The soy is the one that stuck out to me. Does anyone happen to know anything about soy allergies and maybe "non-typical" symptoms (if they exist)? Could they mimic the celiac symptoms I thought I was having (diarrhea, weight loss, tachycardia, bloating, etc.)? I've never had any symptoms that suggest a soy allergy, yet the skin test came back really positive with a large welt. 

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