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How Reliable Enterolab Is For Psychological And Neurological Problems?

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This is my first post here. I will try to be short and clear.


I am 42 years old male who has been struggling with several psychlogical and neuroglical issues since I was 24. That is 18 years now.

It all almost started over night and I was under some stress at that time, but I was also under stress before and did not have that kind of issues.

It all started with tics (vocal and motoric), OCD, then irritibaility developed, then depression, attention issues, brain fog, speech issues and sensitivity to some noises.

As you can image I was and still am very confused with what is happening and did not get almost any help from doctors. I could take some pills for depression, but then I need some for attention issues, and some for tics, and I don't want to end upo with several heavy drugs taken for the rest of my life. All my symptoms are still there, they are not disabling for me, but they are strong enough to reduce quality of my life and make me think about them every day.


I turned to natural doctor here in Canada, and actually went to one who is apparently really well known here in Ontario. She listened to my story, did some tests right away and from day one she insisted that gluten causes my issues. I also did Enterolab test and I was positive with number 18, and that is above reference point of 10. She told me to start with full gluten freen diet, but I am confused with all of that since I really NEVER had any gastro-intestinal issues eating gluten, and that is a lot of gluten. I appear to be very physically strong, I can run a lot, I can excercise, and that possibly does not fit to picture of someone with gluten sensitivity.

Beside that my depression is sometimes that bad that going gluten-free makes it even worse, and those who struggle with that know how difficult can be to deal with that, and on top of that to go gluten-free. I live alone and without any support I was able to go to day 21 of my gluten-free diet, and to be true I did not notice a lot of changes in my symptoms.


I also have psoriasis, and that developed when I was 21, before all these other issues.

I am wondering if someone outhere faced simiral issues, and what was the effect of gluten-free diet and how long you waited to see some results?

Also, how reliable Enterolab test is for psychological and neurological problems?

I can see some controversy on this site, where some of you praise that test, and some don't.


Thanks in advance,


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