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Lymphocytes But Negative Blood?

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I am new to this forum. Anyhow,I am waiting for blood test results. I am 43 and have have bowel issues my whole life. Was told I had ulcers in grade school. Anemia with heavy periods set in in my teens. Over years I have had low vitamin d, b-12 and iron. And in my 20 experienced lots of muscles aces, fatigue, ibs, nausea, and was diagnosed fibromyagia at the Mayo. From then on I just lived with it....energy came back, but suffered from extreme neck pain, headaches, loose bowels, stomached aches....so have bee doing myrofacial release on it and living my life..had an emu they'll ablation a year ago for heavy bleeding.... Anemia got a little better but still in margin but low. l recent routine endoscopy and colonoscopy. Doc said all looked good... But lab came back and said increase lymphocytes in small colon. He ordered 2 blood test....ttg...aga was negative. Waiting om ttg...agg. I am so confused.

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Hi!  Welcome to the forum.  I have had an EGD and the biopsy from it revealed an increased lymphocyte count and total villous atrophy.  It sounds like he is checking a couple different tests that can be markers for celiac disease, maybe?

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