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Wheat Grass / Barley Grass Concentrate In Supplements

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Quick question about wheat grass and barley grass concentrate...

Long story, short: I noticed "wheat grass concentrate" and "barley grass juice concentrate" as ingredients on a multi vitamins supplement I planned on buying (muscle pharm armor v). I reached out directly to the company and was told that this product IS GLUTEN FREE. Taking a risk, I purchased it. I have been taking the supplements for the past 5 days and haven't had any type of reaction. I'm a Celiac and I'm actually pretty sensitive to even the slightest CC.

I've been living a strict gluten free lifestyle for almost 3 years now and I'm well aware of the yes/no controversy about these ingredients. I have never seen anyone with Celiac co-sign a product with wheat/barley grass, but yet I've had zero reactions after almost a full week.

I'm wanting to know if anyone has:

1) Successfully used Muscle Pharm's "Armor V" with no issues

2) Successfully consumed wheat/barley grass [concentrate]

The only explanation I can think of is that maybe this particular harvest of wheat/barley grass was grown the correct way that allows it to be deemed gluten-free... Or maybe that since this multi vitamin has soooo many ingredients, the amount of wheat/barley grass concentrate is so trivial that it's less than 20ppm?

Really just looking for anyone with a similar experience. I said "long story, short" at the beginning of my post and now it's turned into "long story, longer." Thanks everyone!!

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Since there is no requirement for them to test the supplement for gluten (in USA), you are going purely on their guess about it being gluten-free.  Why take chances with someone else's guesswork?  You didn't say they test it for gluten so I figure that means they don't.  There are plenty of supplements to choose from and also plenty of whole foods that have the nutrition people need.  Taking chances on it doesn't make sense to me.  But everyone has the right to choose their own poison.

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