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Reactive Hypoglycemia

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I had a two hour oral glucose tolerance test today for growth hormone suppression, but at the same they also ran my blood glucose. I think the results point to reactive hypoglycemia. What do you all think?

  • 0 minutes = 6.1 (normal blood glucose is 4-6 I think) This was taken after a 13 hour fast. After this was taken I was given a very very sweet drink and then had my blood taken every half hour.
  • 30 min = 9.1
  • 60 min =  6.0
  • 90 min = 5.5
  • 120 min = 4.5

I just find it weird that my blood glucose is lower one to two hours after consuming a high sugar drink than it is when I haven't eaten for half a day as was shown at the first measurement.  :huh:


The only other thing I can think of that would cause blood glucose to be a bit high after a fast is the fact that I took cortisol earlier that morning.


Looks almost prediabetic too, except when I went (what I think is) hypoglycemic.


I'll see the doctor in a couple of weeks for her interpretation.

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My daughter goes thru that. She has Hypo Glycemia? I believe thats what she has. She doesn't live by me. But she said he blood sugar drops after she eats something sugary. 

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It's strange and yet makes so much sense to look back at all the stuff I've been diagnosed with through my life. I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia at age29. My blood glucose Never rose after drinking the sugar drink. Just went down, down, down til they had to stop the test, make me lie down and eat protein to bring it up again. IDK why the Drs never connected the dots to Celiac. It's crazy.

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