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Looking For A Discussion Board On Diabetes

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I was wondering if anyone had any tips on good forums / discussion boards, or sites on diabetes or prediabetes. My blood work is doing some funky things (slightly high fasting glucose, OGTT test, and A1c plus reactive hypoglycemia) but my insulin levels don't seem high (or I'm missing it).  Anyway, I'm looking for a reliable place to "talk" where I can get good information and personal advice - like this board is for celiacs.   :D

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You are certainly welcome Nicole!  That forum has a chat feature, I think near the top.  There were some very helpful people available  in the chat section in the past.  This may sound weird, but one of the things that most affected my glucose levels was a suagr free orange flavored tea.  I don't remember the brand etc.  But when I stopped it my glucose improved.  Other than that, I generally don't eat much in the way of carbs or sugar.  I also take a little creatine powder most days, like 1/2 teaspoon or so.  Creatine helps cells convert stored energy into active energy.  It's a natural chemical made by the body and found in meats.  But a little extra is helpful.


Most of the time I eat a paleo like diet.  Exception is I eat rice wraps.  Once in a while I cheat a little but not often.

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