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Dr Said Endoscopy "looked" Like Celiac

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My 5yr old daughter had an endoscopy, (along with other GI testing) about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The dr came out and told us that what he saw from the endoscopy looked like celiac disease. He said there were "patchy" areas. However, days later I heard from her GI specialist that biopsy was negative. She has also had negative blood tests, but with her GI issues & short stature/slow weight gain we had decided to do the scope.

So I'm left wondering if it could still be celiac? The beginning of it maybe? If not, what could be causing damage to her small intestine?

Just mostly wanted to see if I could get any opinions here. I plan on asking for the reports/a follow up visit. Usually it's available online, but after checking twice a day, it's still not there:/

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If her intestines were "patchy", then the person doing the biopsy would have had to sample the damaged areas (and preferably more than one) to get a diagnosis.  If the sample taken was of one of the healthier areas, then there could be a false negative.  Like frieze said, try gluten free for a few months and see if it improves! 

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