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Doctor Unable To Explain, Please Help

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It would be helpful to know if the elevated test was the tTg or the DGP?  I asked that question in my post previously and the answer makes a big difference as to what may be going on.  Again, if the doctor has not run the DGP and only the tTg, that is no indicator of dietary compliance.


Rashes are caused by many things and it could be from a contact allergy.  A good dermatologist could biopsy the area to tell if it is DH, so don't assume it is until you look into it further.

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My igA is high while my igG My doctor seamed surprised and said that he didn't understand why one was so high and the other so low. At this point he has me going for a breath test as well as checking the H.pylori again. I am also going for more bloodwork.... He appears as confused as me as to what in the world is going on here.

I also had him look at my skin for Dermatitis herpetiformis and he was unsure about that as well, but did write me a script for the Dapzone, but told me to refrain from using it until my Dermatologist gets back to me about my biopsy of the area.

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