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Toddlers Gluten Challenge Blood Work Igg Over 100

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Emma's first pos was her igg at 12m was 16 (over 4 pos) iga neg...biopsy was neg..went gluten-free pedi gi said their was no evidence of celiacs and wanted to see her back in two yrs and that she could eat gluten just fine. She had gluten became ill her primary Dr redid her blood work after a 6 week challenge igg is over 100 and iga is 75 she's 19months old. Will they want to redo her biopsy?

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ove the course of 8 months yes soooo many tests done by in regards to celiacs just the first panel that had only her igg pos at 16, another panle which was done while gluten-free which was neg, and then this test after the gluten challenge which her igg was greater then 100 and iga was 75

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