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Gluten Free Skin/hair Care, Etc.

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to share a few great companies I've found recently that I'm really excited about. They all sell organic, gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan products.


They all have sites you can order from online...and I've found some products in stores as well. I'm hoping this information can help someone else as much as it's helped me! I am only including companies that I've personally bought/ordered from.


Dr. Bronner's:


I've used their hand sanitizer, lotions, lip balm, bar soap, liquid soap, hair rinse, and hair creme. Gluten free, cruelty free, organic, and fair trade. Their products are mostly vegan, except for a few products containing beeswax. Some products do contain non-GMO corn.




100% Pure:


This company uses fruit extract and natural oils, no synthetic dyes or chemicals. Because of this, their products only have a shelf life of about 6 months or so once opened (each product will have an open jar on it that will tell you how long it will last) Everything but their mascara is gluten free. (Their lip balms don't state that they are gluten free, but I sent an inquiry and they confirmed it was - they just haven't updated the label yet) I have used their nourishing body creams (strawberry and raspberry), their tinted fruit lip gloss, their eye pencil, and their forest scented hand wash. Apparently each order comes with free samples, but I was lucky enough to find their products in a nearby gluten free health food store so I haven't ordered from them online yet.




Face Naturals:


This company is probably my favorite. Their ingredients are so natural, that a lot of their products are edible. I put in an order recently, and it took me about 2 weeks to get it (they made all of the products fresh for me) and everything smelled amazing. I ordered the raspberry lime scrub (love it), a raspberry sherbet lip balm, "try me" sizes of the dead sea mineral mask and lavender healing cream, and the coconut chai moisturizing stick. They also threw in an orange crush lip balm for no charge. Everything smells fantastic, it really does smell edible. 


As an added bonus: They have a reward system in place. You start off with 50 reward points, and everything you order adds more reward points. You can use the reward points as cash...they don't expire...so you can save them up and use them on a bigger purchase.




Everything is gluten free (I sent an inquiry to check) and here was my response:


Hi Ashley, 

We do not use any gluten containing ingredients.  As much of our client base has sensitivities/allergies to the top five allergens (gluten, soy, wheat, corn, milk, etc) we have intentionally avoided their use in our formulations.  The only product you may choose to avoid if you have severe gluten allergy is the Oatmeal Honey Silk bar soap.  Our raw oats in the soap are organic, however, the processor for the oats does not specifically state they are certified gluten free or processed on separate equipment.  We have never had any comments regarding adverse reactions to this bar soap, but if you are severely allergic to gluten or oats, you may want to skip that one product. 

Healthy skin begins with a healthy body! Have a wonderful, healthy day!  :)
Christy Pair
face naturals | organic ingredients and zero harmful chemicals!

Again, hope this helps you guys! What are some of your favorite companies/brands for skin/hair care/other beauty products?




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Thank you for that great information.  I have used 100 percent pure and i agree that they have wonderful products. Just be aware i was told that the only product in their line that contains gluten is the mascara.  Also, another great line to try is Pacifica their link is pacificaperfume.com  You can purchase some of their products at Target and Ulta! They have awesome smelling natural perfumes and  lotions.  They are coming out with lots of new products as well.

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