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My story starts about 10 years ago. I've always had a "sensitive" stomach, gas, bloating, diarrhea. Had a colonoscopy in 2005 after my son was born, only thing Dr said was IBS. Then when I was pregnant with my youngest in 2011 I started to get this horrible rash on my face. It starts as a burning then a pustule with clear fluid develops and quickly bursts and leaves a scab on my face. I am constantly exhausted, can sleep 10 hours at night and have to take a nap at 2-3 every afternoon. My body aches, legs feel extremely heavy. I had my first dr appt in 5 years (no insurance is no fun) this week. Blood work was done as well as a Celiac panel. Everything was negative. The only things that weren't was my cholesterol is sky high, and vitamin d is extremely low. I'm not overweight and eat fairly healthy and never wear sunscreen, so I'm confused about my cholesterol as well as why my vitamin d is so low. Is it possible that the rash on my face is DH? Dr said it looked like acne/rosacea to her. Also, is it possible to have a negative celiac panel but still have celiac.

Sorry this is so long, I'm really lost as to what it going on. And of course the dr hasn't called after my results were in. I can check them online.

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