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Contradictory Test Interpretation?

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I got my endoscopy results back as an online report. I have called 3 times to ask questions. The nurse relays them and calls me back. The GI won't talk to me and the only answer is follow up with your primary physician.... He says the test is inconclusive. "non-specific findings on your small bowel biopsy that are of no clinical significance."



He only took ONE biopsy of my intestines. Here is what the pathologist report says. Do you think this is a positive diagnosis???


1. Duodenum, second part, biopsy

"Fragments of duodenum mucosa with focal mild villous blunting, focal dilated lacteals in the lamina propria and focal active inflammation."


2.Stomach, antrum, biopsies

It had a comment that says "there are sparse detached fragments of small intestinal type mucosa compatible with carryover/contaminant from the small intestines. There are additionally detached fragments of intestinal-type glandular epthelium which are favored to represent carryover/contaminant from the small intestines."



Does the blunting of villa say yes I have C and the GI missed it? Or does mild mean no?


I have a primary doc appt on Tues with results from blood tests. Hopefully they will give some better answers!


Thanks so much for any answers/opinions! I am starting to believe I am just not going to get a diagnosis either way.

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