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Barley Grass In Source Of Life Liquid Vitamins By Naturesplus

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I thought I was doing a good things by getting on liquid vitamins. I thought I could trust the label that said "gluten free" from nature's plus. I thought I could email them now and ask questions but their email page mysteriously doesn't work. The international email looks like goes through to them but who knows who is going to answer that.



My symptoms:

Heat strain, palpitation, lethargy, pain down arms

Nerve pain, numbness, tingling

Cold hands and feet

hot and cold flushes

blue colored skin, dry ashy look

dizziness, nausea, eye pressure in the left eye


wry neck, muscle spasms, muscle pain, ataxia like nothing I've experienced before

Mood swings, depression, nightmares, daymares

hay fever and pet allergies increased substantially

indigestion, pain while going to the bathroom, bloating, swelling



I remember having all this before I knew I was a celiac. That was way back in highschool.


I was wondering where the hell all this came out of, checking all my sources and looking at everything with suspicion....then this morning after 3 months of taking the liquid vitamins by Nature'sPlus, I noticed on the bottle in fine print under "Source 70 Whole Food Complex" there it was.


Barely Grass is NOT gluten free when allowed to begin to seed or to fully seed, then harvested and put into the vitamins. NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!


This have put me back months in my gluten free diet and I've BEEN GLUTEN FREE FOR YEARS!!! SINCE 2004!!!


Not cool people. Not cool.

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