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Is it possible to have a false positive blood test and biopsy?

I have no family members at all with celiac disease and no known symptoms of celiac.

I was found to have a b12 deficiency during a blood screen for another matter and my doctor automatically suspected celiac. From then on he just kept sending me for repeat blood work and a biopsy. Both came back as positive but not really strong positives.

Could my doctor have been that on the ball to catch it early on? Or could something else mimic celiac?

I'm good with going gluten free but have a hard time believing it.. :).

And if it was just caught early on am I looking at developing symptoms or reactions if I accidentally get glutened?

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I had a similar circumstance to yours.  I was sent to the GI doctor for what was a problem with my gallbladder, and at my upper endoscopy I had marsh 1 damage, and on follow up bloodwork I was just high enough on the antibodies to be positive.  I also have the DQ8 gene.  No known family history, no outward symptoms other than barely under the low limit for iron.  My GI told me I am very lucky that we basically caught the celiac disease by accident early into disease progression.    I still don't have solid GI symptoms when exposed to gluten, however I know the importance of staying completely gluten-free.  Some people without outward symptoms develop exposure symptoms later on, each person is different.  I am very grateful my disease was caught early in its progression, as there are some members here who were sick for most of their lives and got answers much much later after a lot of damage was done to their bodies.  

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If I were you I would believe it and thank my lucky stars it was caught early. So many have a lot of health problems from misdiagnosis for years as Laura said, myself included.

Check out the newbie threads on here and read about cross contamination, they are very helpful.

Everybody reacts differently when they do get glutened if they even notice it at all without the classic symptoms before diagnosis.  I am just two months in but I have noticed that my symptoms are different just based on if I get cc'd or if I accidently eat something with gluten in it - the cc symptoms are milder than a full on glutening. I have read that some say their symptoms can change over time.  I think you just have to listen to what your body is telling you. Some people have problems with brain fog and emotional difficulty, some have the classic GI symptoms, some have joint pain and nerve pain, and some are unfortunate enough to have the whole shebang. Hopefully you figure out what your symptoms are if you have them so they are a tip off to cc.


You didn't mention anything about family, but you need to have family members tested as it is hereditary. My daughter was tested shortly after my diagnosis and she is positive also.


Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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