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French Baguettes

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I live in France and am 66 years old, and recently started a gluten free diet. I was diagnosed lactose intolerant 40 years ago. Having had IBS also, I wondered if maybe I was gluten intolerant instead of IBS. So for 3 months I have been strictly gluten free and feel so much better. BUT I miss French bread! I have heard that baguettes in France contain much less gluten than bread in other countries and so maybe I could eat them? Has anyone any idea?

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Bonjour...I don't live in France but I've thought about it, so I've looked this up a little before.


I would say...no, you can't eat the baguettes.  If you want to be gluten free, for real...you can't eat any gluten...not even a little.  Sad, I know, because the baguettes are so good. I was in Paris before I figured out gluten was my problem...and I'd always have a baguette for lunch!  But, won't be able to if/when I go back.  I'm like you in that I was diagnosed with IBS...but nothing was helping. As a last resort, I eliminated all gluten and magically the problems stopped.


Anyway...this article might have some good resources for you. She says to look for magasins bio....which are like health food stores that would carry gluten free brands. Probably just schar and whatnot..tastes nothing like a true baguette....but hey, that's what we get.  https://www.celiac.com/articles/21485/1/France-sans-Pain-How-to-Travel-Gluten-Free-in-France/Page1.html


Also they have a French gluten intolerant website, which I'm sure has tons of resources... http://www.afdiag.fr/   Although it looks like right now the site is having some problems.  But, when it's back in full force...should be helpful.


Je souhaite que ça était utile.

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