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Gratitude--What Good Things Has Celiac Brought To Your Life?

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Oh yes, I love having the excuse! Being gluten-free is a great excuse to munch an apple when other people are having cake, nobody expects me to eat it or gets offended when I don't. :)


Gluten free since 2/14/2010 after suffering a rare and serious complication from my gluten challenge







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What a great idea: I am thankful that Celiac has forced me to learn to cook (although very basic things) and eat more healthily in general, instead of sticking to pre-packaged/processed food.  I am also grateful that my diagnosis led to THREE family members getting diagnosed.  All are on the (albeit frustrating) road to health now! One was my little sister, who thankfully probably avoided much of the intestinal damage that those of us who were not diagnosed until later in life got stuck with.

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