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Hi, I've been noticing several symptoms now for the past few months. I just graduated college in December and began working full time in January. It is possible that stress accounts for my symptoms, but I wanted to get another opinion. 


After I eat, I feel very tired. 

I crave carbs.

I often feel thirsty, even though I'm well hydrated.

Food seems to pass through me quickly, resulting in 1-3 bowel movements directly after eating.

I often have abdominal pain/cramps.

I've had a few calf cramps.

I have 'chicken skin' on the backs of my arms. 



Any ideas would be welcomed- gluten intolerance seems to fit, but I'm exploring other options... thanks!

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With your symptoms, it sounds like celiac could be a possibility.


Have you talked to your doctor about celiac testing? It's always a good idea to test for celiac first before doing any diet changes.

Thanks for the reply, no I haven't talked to my doctor. I'm still deciding if its really an issue, but with the research I've done I'm beginning to think it may be. 

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