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Genetic Testing Results

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Thanks Arlene, Gem, Ski and Lisa...for sharing your stories and insight.  Was very interesting to read that your problems were so similar and that you are so much better.  Running circles around your grandkids Arlene, is encouraging!


I look at all the things I have wrong with me, and including the miscarriages and the preterm infant I delivered, it all matches up with celiac disease.

Although I have low vitamin D, I have been taking vitamins since my 40's and that's when I was able to conceive after I started those vitamins.  

I printed a list of all my diagnoses and history, and will show the allergist when he comes back from vacation and see what he says. :)

Osteoporosis, and sacroiliac arthritis diagnosed 32 yrs of age.  Chronic low wbc, Severe constipation, Migraines, severe GERD, multiple miscarriages, Sjrogen's disease, positive ANA, thyroid nodules (hyperthryoid), fatty liver disease with elevated enzymes, low vitamin D, low protein, IBS, SIBO, Discoid lupus, mulitple food allergies and massive hair loss.  I left my career because I was too sick to keep working, and it was devastating because I couldn't apply for disability without a diagnosis.  My daughter was a preemie and she has Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and had a positive ANA and Rheumatoid Factor at 16 and now has been dx'd with Hashimoto's.


Allergic to:  corn, rice, beans, tomatoes, dairy.  Not diagnosed as celiac.

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lolz - alright, already   ^_^  i don't know what kaniwa is   :o  that was just my best guess  ^_^


Understood! I think that most people haven't heard of it.


I figured that people might think that I was misspelling quinoa or something. I wish that the forum had an option for putting the little accent mark above the "N" and that might clarify it further. 


Gluten free since 2/14/2010 after suffering a rare and serious complication from my gluten challenge







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