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Another Form Of Hypothyroidism? Real Or Fake?

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I've been reading about the condition known as Reverse T3 syndrome. This is a type of hypothyroidism that can alledgedly be caused by the body making too much Reverse T3, which then blocks the action of the active hormone T3, causing hypothyroid symptoms. Meanwhile, all the other thyroid hormones are within normal limits. Is this condition real? Have doctors verified this? I've read various sources on both sides of the issue and remain skeptical of both sides.


They can't both be right. Reverse T3 either does, or does not, block that action of T3. Which one is it? Anyone know?

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I know we all need and use RT3 but the majority of our T4 should be converted to T3.  I believe there should be about 40% RT3 and 60% free T3; when those numbers gets reversed, for whatever reason, your body is a bit out of whack.  I think there could be potential problems when RT3 is too high AND the free T3 is low.  In that case it looks like your body isn't getting what it needs.


I don't know much about RT3 problems, or what causes it. I'm interested to see what others think.

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