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How Low Was Your Blood Count If Anemic When First Diagnosed?

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just curious.  What first led to me being tested for celiac was that I was very fatigued, went to the dr. and found out my hemoglobin level was 5 !! Went for procedures today and none of the nurses could believe I was functioning at all at that level. I'm guessing my body just compensated for it, and it happened so slowly it wasn't obvious how sick I really was. 


I had a blood transfusion and have been on iron for a month and post transfusion, my level has stayed at a steady 10. Still low, but acceptable. I was hoping it would get at least into normal range by now. 

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Mine wasn't probably measured at its lowest point.  When I knew of my levels it was just borderline low.  It was at borderline low even though I ate a high iron diet and supplemented.  When my ferritin levels finally came up, I could breath deeper.  I believe my level was 14 when first tested with 15 being low normal range.

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