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7 Year Old Daughter Dx

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My 7 year old had a positive serology IGG 60, IGA 9.8 and ttg iga >128 and just had a biopsy on Friday to confirm celiac. Her results came in too late to speak with a nurse and I feel like I'm looking at a foreign language. Anyway the results look like this- sucrase 20 lactase 10 palatinate 10 and Maltase 70.1. It says nothing about celiac or anything. I'm certain these numbers are indicative of something. Anyone care to help?

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Did they give the normal ranges for those tests?  Is that the total IGG and IGA, the 60 and 9.8?  A ttIgA of over 100 is Celiac, plain and clear and IF that 9.8 is her total IgA, unless that is a weird scale, that number is way low, making that ttIgA number even higher.  So what if she is growing normally, not everyone with Celiac is skinny and short.


I think the other tests listed are for checking intolerance to other foods but I don't know what those number signify without a lab range.

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Total IgA is 69 mg/dl 


DGP IgG Value- 60 Ref- <4.9

DGP IgA Value- 9.8 Ref- <6.1

TTG IgA Value- >128.0 Ref <10.3


Maybe that helps? 


Thank you for replying. This is all new to me!


Based on "normal" ranges, her IgA is in the normal limits so that is good.  Now, they could have some funky scale and that might be totally different.


The ttgIgA is WAY positive.  Your daughter has Celiac, cut and dry, end of story.  Now, if she was an 10.5, eh, could be lab error but at +128 there is zero question she is Celiac.  If her GI is questioning that, question HIM as to why he thinks otherwise.  

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slow growth is only one of the many, many, many possible symptoms.  Your doctor is just plain wrong assuming that your child does not have celiac because this symptom is not present.


We had the same first experience - first MD would not even do follow up tests on my son because he "wasn't sick" and looked "perfectly healthy" despite positive blood tests (our only symptom was a behavior change - no health complaints, just tantrums ALL THE TIME.)  The doctor told me I had "read too many magazines."


When he couldn't explain the blood test results (lab error???) we took him to a specialist and they did a biopsy and found extensive damage.  He has been gluten free for three years and is doing great.


You need a new doctor.  Also, if the biopsy comes back negative, it DOES NOT mean your child does not have celiac.  It just means damage was not found.  Your child DOES have it based on those blood test results.  A biopsy is not even needed.  Do not let a misinformed doctor convince you otherwise.  Your doctor is wrong again in saying that the biopsy will let you know for sure.  It can only rule it in, not out.  


Hope this makes sense.  Good luck with the whole process.

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