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Diagnosed Celiac. How To Get More Dedicated To It?

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Hi there,


I am 21 years old and have recently been diagnosed for having Celiacs. I've been sorta dipping my feet into the gluten-free diet but being more assured now. I have to change my ways. D: So, I wouldn't mind having some help getting started. I atleast found gluten-free bread to make some turkey sandwiches and some gluten-free chips. Yet, I am still a bit shakey on my footing. As for my reactions, it varies. I took my bloodwork after getting terribly sick with pains from my stomach and even some erm... >_> Blood in stool. Either way, its hard to tell some of my symptoms when I have terrible PMDD when that comes around. Still, I noticed I am still very tired and even dizzy at some points. Overall, I am curious how to get better at this diet. Please and thank you.

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Welcome! Here are some newbie tips located under the "Coping" section that have really helped our forum members (and your doctor failed to tell you....)


It is hard at first. You go through a grieving process and that is normal. But, you will get better, you just have to stick to the diet (and you can!)

I learned to bake gluten free and my non-celiac daughter loves and requests my baking. The rest of my family can not tell the difference either!

Hang in there and ask lots of questions. We are here to help!

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