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Explosion Of Autoimmune Disease And Other Disease Being Caused By Glyphosate?

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I have been reading that Celiac disease and food intolerances are on the rise. You can take a look at my signature to see why I am fascinated and perhaps obsessed with this topic. I have been searching to find out why Celiac, autoimmune diseases, and "modern" diseases are on the rise. So here's what I've been reading from various health websites that are seeming to all say the same thing now:


The overwhelming majority of scientific literature shows that glyphosate is highly toxic to human health. Glyphosate residues are now found in the main foods of the western diet, comprised primarily of sugar, corn, soy and wheat.


Looks like conventional corn is out for me! So what is glyphosate anyway?


Glyphosate is the key ingredient used for weed control on genetically modified food crops such as corn, soy, wheat, and alfalfa. Glyphosate residue is not only present in these crops, but it is also in the animals that eat these crops. Glyphosate is in beef, pork, poultry, farm raised fish, and any other meat source that is fed GMO corn, wheat, soy, or alfalfa.


Wheat isn't yet a GMO food, but it has been bred countless times over the past several thousand years.


Glyphosates are a very potent endocrine disruptor. It’s a half part per million. You see an inhibition for amytase and other functions in the endocrine hormone systems, not just for reproduction, but for thyroid function, pituitary function, any of those other levels


A half per per million is 0.5ppm. That is less than 1ppm. I wonder how many parts per million of glyphosate is present in a food that contains 20ppm of gluten?


It is clear that glyphosate is not a benign chemical. Glyphosate interferes with enzymes in plants and microbes because of its ability to chelate (bind) trace metals and by its antibiotic action, which kills microorganisms. Other chemicals used in formulated products that contain glyphosate enhance the toxic effects of glyphosate.


Now this keeps getting more and more interesting with each quote I'm pasting here. I recall something that Dr. Alessio Fasano, founder of the Center for Celiac Research, said that really wraps all this together:

“There must be some environmental factors that explain why most people [with the genetic predisposition] eat gluten all their lives and stay healthy, and others lose their tolerance. And it could happen at any time. Some people don’t become celiac until they are in their 70s. You’re not out of the woods at any age.


“The genome is like a marble block. What it will become in terms of a sculpture depends on the environment. Even if we inherit these genes they are not always functional or expressed.


We also know that prevalence is rising and we’re in the midst of an epidemic. Based on our study it seems that prevalence has doubled every 15 years in North America. Why? I think it goes back to the microbiome. There are antibiotics, our diet has changed, we travel more. There have been so many changes in the past 50 years.”


I personally have read many papers published by Dr. Alessio Fasano and I recall that he believes that Celiac is triggered by an unfriendly change in the microbiome.


“Can we identify the changes in the microbiome that make us unable to handle gluten?”


If you look at how the microbiome changes over time in people that have the genetic predisposition and go on to develop celiac disease, versus those that have the genetic predisposition but don’t develop celiac disease, you can try and pinpoint when, why and how these changes take place he says.


“And that’s exactly what we are doing right now with a larger scale study. Does the microbiome shift in months or years and can we intervene to re-establish order? That would be the Holy Grail.”



USA corn is considered toxic to other countries.


China has rejected imports of U.S. corn, because of genetically modified content. It is now buying corn from Brazil. Nearly 1.45 million metric tons of corn was rejected, resulting in lost sales of $427 million for the US economy.


Both Japan and South Korea cancelled orders and banned imports of what they believed was GMO-contaminated wheat from Oregon. Russia banned importation of GMO-contaminated corn. Canada banned the import of GMO-contaminated papayas from Hawaii.


Are any of you coming to the same conclusions as me? If not, why not?

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I don't know if it has anything to do with celiac, but I do know that because these things (corn, soy, and sugar, among other things) are resistant to these weed killers, they use a lot more of this weed killer. It soaks into the ground and is taken up by the roots of the plant. It becomes part of the plant. It may not cause celiac, but I don't think it can be good for anyone.


And I read an article in the news yesterday that Dow chemical has applied and will most likely get a license to genetically alter these things to resist yet ANOTHER type of weed killer because the first one is not working anymore.



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