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Fluctuating Weight After Getting Glutened

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"Normal" is kind of hard to define.  Inflammation can contribute to weight gain and water retention, inflammation in your guts can alter digestion (and food might sit in your body longer than normal), and then there's bloating, gas, mucus production--lots of fun stuff that could make you temporarily gain weight.  If you have celiac, getting glutened would cause inflammation, and that might cause any of these symptoms that can make you gain weight.  


If you're still concerned, of course, you should talk to your doctor.  


If you're not concerned enough to talk to your doctor, I would suggest keeping track of your weight in a diary.  Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom, wearing little or no clothing.  This works best in conjunction with a food diary so that you can go back and see where you might have been glutened.  Or you might notice a correlation between some other food and the weight fluctuations.  

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