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George Knighton

What Does It Mean If Your Stool Looks Cloudy?

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I've tried going on a gluten free diet again a week ago and before going on this diet, my stool looked small, plain and smooth and I wasn't letting out much for awhile. I've also had small pain on the lower left side of my abs for about a year and my doctors couldn't figure out what was causing it.


But about Day 3 on my gluten free diet, I noticed that my stool is shaped more like clouds (maybe diarrhea and normal stool combined?) and that I've been using the restroom 2-3 times more per day as opposed to before which was once per day and letting out only small amounts of stool. I don't experience the random pain on my lower left side of abs anymore.


Is this normal? What does a cloudy shaped stool mean?



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Why are you going gluten-free?  Maybe you don't need to?  Maybe you have removed an important source of fiber or something else by going gluten-free?  Or added more of some other food?



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