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Scott Adams

Astellas To Work With Anokion On Diabetes, Celiac Treatments - San Francisco Chronicle (Subscription)

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Astellas to work with Anokion on diabetes, celiac treatments

San Francisco Chronicle (subscription)

... work with Anokion on diabetes, celiac treatments. By Kanoko Matsuyama. June 2, 2015. print_article|article-6302643|article-share-premium|7; comments_jump|article-6302643|article-share-premium|1. email_share|article-6302643|article-share-premium|1 ...

Astellas, Anokion Launch Up-to-$760M Collaboration Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Astellas and Anokion to Collaborate on Immune Tolerance Therapeutics Pharmacy Times

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Scott Adams

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