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Possible Ncgs?

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Today is my second day being gluten-free and my hands are no longer as dry (they use to get wrinkly when handling water for less than 5minutes!!) as they were before starting gluten-free diet. But I still have other symptoms obviously bc it hasn't been too long but my dizziness has subsided. At this point I'll take my multivitamin and tomorrow I start eating gluten again. Then I'm going to find a new doctor and get tested for gluten 2weeks from tomorrow since I only stopped eatin gluten for a few days last week. I'm not looking forward to how bad gluten seems to make me feel but I'll try to stay strong so that my tests are accurate. I'll try eating gluten a few times a day (2-3). I'm also scared of developing even more food intolerances. (Already sensitive to dairy, eggs, soy, and gluten..and some supplememts!?)

I'll try to report back once I finish my 2weeks trial. And go get tested.

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