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Thyroid And Lupus Testing

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LOL  Your husband sounded like a character... you seem to share the same outlook and humor.  :)


So you did have the free T's tested then.  Good. You may just want to sit on it until any other tests are done for lupus.  I hope it's not... It does sound like you are going through so much pain though.  Sounds bad.  :(


Does fibromyalgia fit with what you are experiencing?  I know it can co-occur with many things.  I remember looking into it when my problems were worse but it didn't fit me - no muscle pain, just weakness.  



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"LOL  Your husband sounded like a character... you seem to share the same outlook and humor." 


People used to get us mixed up. We of course LOOKED nothing alike. I was 5'10" and he was 6'8". He had a big reddish beard and was bald on top, while I had no beard :lol: and back then I actually had hair.


But our personalities were so alike that our friends said it didn't matter which of us they were talking to, it felt the same. As a matter of fact, one year for a halloween party neither of us dressed up. We told everyone we came in costume though, and they had to figure it out. What we did was, any time someone addressed a question to me by name, he answered, and vice versa. No one even NOTICED! By the end of the party we had to tell them. They all said it wasn't fair because we were the same person anyway.


While I'm not wanting to check out quite yet, I must say I do look forward to seeing him again when I get to Heaven. :wub:

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That's one of the reasons I can have a positive attitude about having lupus. I have had the greatest life anyone could imagine. My parents were the absolute best in the world. My husband was the absolute best in the world. My friends are the absolute best in the world. I've had the opportunity to play music for 50 years. I live in (except for the food :rolleyes: ) the most beautiful place on the planet. And I even now have the most lovable cat ever! How could ANYONE who has had all this be unhappy?

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