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Muscle pain

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I am newly disagnosed by my primary care doctor and b/c of the holidays, end of the year, etc, i couldn't get into a GI doctor until next year. So, for now,Im gluten free and winging things as best as I can. I have been gluten free for a few weeks.  My stomach issues are slowly resolving.  But, I have this ache....my arms, legs, neck, just general muscle aches that don't seem to go away.  Its almost getting worse.  I keep getting up and stretching, and my muscles feel like I worked out really hard yesterday.  

I thought this would get better once I went gluten free, but its not getting better.  

Is this something that is or can be connected to celiac, or is this something totally separate?

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You really need to remain on a gluten diet until that GI appointment.  A biopsy requires consuming gluten for four weeks daily (8 to 12 for the blood test).  I would hate for you to get negative biopsies and remain in diagnostic limboland.  

You need to do some more research.  After all, you are your best health advocate!  This link to the University of Chicago can help:


By the way, it took me two years to heal.  That seems to be pretty common around here.  My anemia resolved within a few months, but all the other little symptoms took time!  

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Osteopenia/osteoporosis -- June 2013

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Diabetes -- January 2014

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