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  1. I tried comparing all the ingredients on the box to a list of chemical names for gluten. It’s really hard!
  2. Sorry, I’m sure this has been discussed but when doing a search on the topic nothing showed up. Anyone know if Mary kay Timewise face wash is gluten-free?
  3. I'm having a hard time gaining and maintaining my weight too. I lost a lot over the summer when all my symptoms started. I've only been gluten-free close to 2 months. I eat about every 3-4 hrs and still can't gain. I look gross!
  4. I bought some yesterday and didn't read the label until I got home. No where on the label does it say gluten-free but there are no ingredients that contain any. Is it safe?
  5. I was going to buy pantene but after googling although it is gluten free it still can be cross contaminated...found out the same goes for my current shampoo/conditioner so I didn't replace it. I did end up buying method body wash and a new face wash. Oh and I also realized the soap I was using to...
  6. So all this time I've been making a rookie mistake and didn't check my beauty products! My daily body wash has wheat! I'm not sure if it's bothering me but it's worth changing to see. Any suggestions of what brand to use that I can easy find?
  7. Another thing to look into is taking other vitamins and minerals with the D. From all my research vit D supplements are best absorbed when taken with K1,K2 and magnesium.
  8. Thank you all so much! You made me feel better. It just stinks to see a glimmer of light then bam just like that it's gone again. I've been off balance again, exhausted, headaches and irritable I know I need to give it more time but as you all know, it's so hard! I just want my life back!!! ...
  9. I've been gluten-free for almost 3.5 weeks. The first couple weeks were rough but last week I was feeling pretty good. My skin was clearing, I wasn't off balance, headaches gone, had a little more energy and sleeping better! Then over the weekend and especially today it's like pre gluten-free I...
  10. Heart palps can also be caused by low potassium or simply just stress. From what I understand (and this is what my functional dr thinks happened to me) is that gluten caused inflammation in my body. Inflammation caused cortisol to rise which signals the "flight or fight" response which then triggers...
  11. Hang in there!!!! I've only been gluten-free for 15 days. I have no idea if I have celiac (had gluten sensitivity diagnosed via saliva which I know isn't the best way to test). I've never had many symptoms until 5 months ago when dizziness, anxiety attacks, fatigue, weight loss and insomnia...
  12. I've had extreme fatigue for months and just went gluten free 15 days ago. Sadly I'm no better, even a little worse. I also have low vitamin D which causes fatigue as well so double whammy for me! Have you had all your vitamin levels checked?
  13. Have you had all your vitamin levels checked? That could be causing hair loss and ridges in your nails.
  14. I know this post is super old but I'm looking for a good whole food gluten-free multivitamin. Any suggestions???