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Thyroid Medication and Omeprazole

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35 minutes ago, Lisa O said:

does anyone know if Gas-X is Gluten Free??  My daughter takes it everyday because of her celiac.  We are trying to pinpoint her gluten intake as she is always feeling glutened I spite of our dedication to being fully gluten-free and today someone posted that it contains gluten!  I'm horrified!  This could be the culprit!  Help!!

Rest assured Gas-Ex is gluten free.   This list composed by a pharmacist is dedicated to advocating for gluten-free drugs.  This list is not perfect as formulations can change.  

Always read labels and you can check with the manufacturer.  


She could be reacting to other ingredients in Gas-Ex.    How long has she been diagnosed?  Please read our Newbie section.  It contains valuable tips.  Cross contamination is a huge issue for celiacs.  Try whole foods, well-cooked and easy-to-digest.  


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