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Son was glutened ?s about reaction

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Backstory...I have celiac and he had symptoms but tests were negative. We took him off gluten last June and saw huge improvement. Since he's had gluten three times that we know of. The first two he ended up emotional and threw up the following day. On Saturday he got gluten and seemed a little off but didn't complain about his stomach in Sunday. Monday and Tuesday of this week he's been a maniac. Lying, out of control raging, can't figure out his homework, reading speed went way down. He's a mess. Any idea why a change in symptoms and how long they will last?  

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It sounds like you did find some improvement when you put your son on a gluten free diet back in June.  He may be getting gluten exposure (and more than you think or know).  That could be contributing to his behavior.  I know when I get glutened, it affects my behavior too!  

He may have developed celiac disease now.  Experts recommend testing for first degree relatives every two years or sooner if symptoms develop.  To insure a good test result, you should insist on a complete panel (my PCP/GP NEVER balks at this request for my kid) and he should be on a gluten diet.  :( Sad, but necessary.  

You may want to continue the gluten-free diet (do some detective work on finding a hidden gluten source) until summer when school is out and you can both handle the symptoms (tummy issues, behavior, etc.)

Remember, celiac disease is not like an allergy or intolerance.  Suffer a few days and you are well.  It is an autoimmune disorder that flares up (symptoms can change) when exposed to gluten.  It is like having multiple Sclerosis (triggers unknown).  Luckily (sort of) , we know what triggers celiac disease -- gluten!  My MIL had MS.  A flare-up for her could put her in a wheelchair for six weeks!  My celiac disease flare-up can last for months (as documented by my GI via blood tests).  But the mantra is......everyone reacts and heals at a different rate.  

I hope this helps!  

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