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Multiple symptoms - suspected Celiac?

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Hi All,

I've had quite a year of varying symptoms that have spawned from nowhere, and been running around in circles hoping for an answer. I'll try and keep it brief as I could write a novel on my experience to date.

Jan 2015

Odd rash develops out of the blue. Initially on inside of arms on the paler-skin. Progresses to elbows, biceps, kneecaps, ankles, wasit band. Trunk remains pretty clear, but arms/legs start to become one giant red mess as small outbreaks join together. Intensely itchy at night causing many sleepless nights. 

Saw various GPs and tried treatments for ringworm, scabies, steroid creams etc but no joy. Eventually had enough and return home to my own GP who suspects Pityriasis Rosea, prescribes 3 days of Prednisone and it clears up.


Feb 2015

Few weeks since the skin condition cleared up. Sat in work one day and became aware of my intensively itchy scalp and acne outbreak at the back of my head above the hairline. GP again, steroid ointment, medicate shampoo etc. Not convinced they did anything but it settled after a few weeks.

Also had a red rash developing on forhead that remains to this day. Tried different shampoos, hair products etc but no change.


March 2015

On-going sleep disturbance due to chronic violent hypnic jerks when falling asleep. Worrying about these in turn sparks a massive anxiety attack that is out of character for me. Eventually see a neurologist 1 month later in April who says they are benign and no other sinister findings from examination. Blood tests for Bone profile, magnesium and thyroid function normal. 

May 2015 - December 2015

Mood settles. Forehead rash remains and semi itchy scalp but not as intense.  May - develop a tremor in my fingers/hands, particularly bad in the morning. GP says it's from stress/anxiety and anything more sinister would have been picked up by the neurologist examination. Over the next few months, the tremor remains and manifests elsewhere in the body such as toes, and increasing muscle pain/stiffness particularly with tendons. 

Regular blood tests for my Liver Function show high levels of AST and GGT. (My GGT levels have always been higher than normal and previously been investigated).

December 15 

Revisit neurologist as I've had enough about worrying over the tremor issues. Again, says he doesn't suspect any underlying neurological condition and that it's benign essential tremor.


No significant skin rashes other than present on forehead. 

On-going muscle stiffness and tendon issues. High GGT/AST levels in Liver Function tests - awaiting ultrasound appointment and referral to hepatologist. 

No gastro issues.



Anyone here have similar overlap in stories? I was hoping to raise the possibility of celiac witht he hepatologist when I meet them in the next 6-8 weeks, but would appreciate anyones thoughts on here.









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"Elevated liver enzymes are one of the extra-intestinal signs of celiac disease, so patients with elevated liver enzymes should be tested for it. If the enzyme increase was caused by celiac disease it should return to normal after following a strict gluten-free diet. If not, then you should seek another reason for the elevated enzymes."





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