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Having symptoms that are common in Celiac. Should I get this checked out?

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I've been having these symptoms for about a month. (1) The main one is AWFUL smelling gas. I've had it every single day for the past month and its pretty embarrassing because it's every few minutes. (2) The next completely random symptom is reoccurring mouth ulcers. I have constantly had at least one or two in my mouth for over a month and they are extremely painful. (3) I also get bad stomach pain sometimes (like I have to poop) and end up having diarrhea or constipation. (4) The next one is joint pain in my legs (feel like growing pains, but im 20 years old) & muscle pain/weakness. I exercise a lot and lately even if I do like, 10 squats, I get horrible pain in my leg muscles where I can't even bend my legs anymore. (5) I also have had random rashes on my arms that wouldn't go away but it's been about a week since I've had them. I definitely think it's something I'm eating. What could this be?

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Hi and welcome :) 

As you say, all 4 of your symptoms are common in celiac, but there could be other causes. The best thing you can do is book an appointment to see a doctor and request a blood test. This will look for 'markers' in your blood, clues that your body is reacting to gluten in your diet. Be sure you have every symptom noted down before you go so you give the doctor as much info as possible.  

Please don't remove gluten from your diet just yet however! This is something that so many people do and it makes testing SO much harder. Do the tests and wait for the results before changing your diet like that.

However one thing you could do right away is start a food diary, just note what you eat, when, and how you feel. That could be helpful if you want to start looking at your diet and how it may or may not impact on your overall health? You could also start taking a multi vitamin supplement, that wouldn't affect your celiac test. 

There's some more info and links in the unfinished thread below, but you only really need to look at the testing issue. 

Finally, and most importantly, don't worry. If it is celiac or gluten intolerance it's manageable. You've found a great site and there will be support here for you if you need it. 



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