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normail b12 increased folate

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I feel like freaking s#%*.

Dizzy, numbness, feeling like passing out, head pressure, eyes stinging, heart skipping beats. I am convinced there is some kind of bacteria invading my gut and moving its way up to my brain taking my adrenal gland and thyroid for a ride with it.

Alas, I am H. Pylori negative and have SIBO testing later this month.

My Vit D was a little low (totally common in Upstate NY) so my endo put my on Vit D last month and re-tested it and it went lower...totally NOT common in Central NY, so now I have script for vitamin D. My iron was low but I can get that up easily by eating iron rich foods. Certified gluten-free blackbean pasta folks! My Vit E was also a little low. Since my eyes are acting up, we are also going to test vitamin A next month (I will have been drinking carrot juice by then, lol).

I had been on liquid B complex until the end of July which was discontinued. My endo only wants me on sublingual b12.

My b12 levels are really high now. They were never serum low. My primary tested them July 12 and they were 802, up from 500 (range is 211-911) and b1 was good too.  My endo said that my latest labs show my folate is too high which has happened in the past (when I was NOT on b complex). 

Is it possible to mask a vitamin b12 deficiency by taking it?! 

Has anyone else had high vitamin b12 but and high folate?


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