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how common would it be to have positive tissue transglutaminase (high reading) and negative biopsy?

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just wondering if I was to have a negative biopsy do you just leave it at that, or what would you do next? I am told that with such a high blood result (250) that I almost definitely have celiac...my family doctor wasn't even going to send me for scope.

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I have no answers for you, but am interested in this thread and want to follow it. I just had a "Positive" attached to my  Tissue Transglutaminase, no number. So I am not sure if it was a weak positive or strong one. Either way they told me to go gluten-free which I did. Two months later at my GI appointment, of course my numbers were low and biopsy was neg. I know I feel a lot better being gluten-free, but I would like to know what my numbers were. It would help me to decide if I want to do a gluten challenge down the road.  If no Celiac, then I would like to know. 

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