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2 Weeks Gluten Free

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Hello all, my name is Nicky and I am from the UK. I would like to ask some advice if that's OK.

I have spent years trying to find out the causes of my intermittent diarreah and have been tested for celiac disease. I had a blood test that came back negative. I was then referred to a dietician and she has recently suggested that I try a gluten free diet for several weeks.

what I wanted to ask was, can you still be gluten intolerant even if the blood test comes back negative? I have been experiencing some rather nasty side effects of going gluten free, so is this proof that I do in fact have celiac disease or is it just what happens to anyone who cuts out gluten?

I also had a colonoscopy a few months ago that showed my bowels are perfectly normal.

Thanks for reading!


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You should see a GI specialist before you go gluten free.  They should do a upper endoscopy to check for celiac damage.  Colonoscopy won't show anything related to celiac.  Also no you should not feel worse on gluten free, you should feel better.

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Hi Nicky,

When you first go gluten-free your symptoms often do change.  Feeling better or worse is possible.  The healing process is a major change in our gut and that means a big change in the gut flora is likely,  which can cause symptoms by itself.  Additionally the immune system doesn't stop making antibodies on a dime.  the immune system keeps working  to defeat the gluten invaders until it is darn good and ready to take a break.

You really shouldn't start the gluten-free diet until all testing is completed.  That includes a full celiac disease panel and an endoscopy with biopsy samples.  It's much easier to complete testing while still a gluten eater than it is to stop gluten and go  back on it for testing later.

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