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New here...looking for answers.

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Hi Kttardisgirl,

IgG is a type of antibody that your immune system makes.  The way they term the test is a little different than what I have seen.  But it it is most like an AGA IgG test.  AGA standing for antigliaden antibody.  AGA IgG is a test for immune system antibodies to gliaden, a protein in wheat gluten.  It looks like you had a pretty high antibody reading on the test.

Usually a doctor will order antibody tests first, and if they are positive (like yours) then either schedule additional antibody tests (including more immune cell types) or schedule an endoscopy.  The complete antibody tests are often called a celiac panel.  The endoscopy is to check for damage to the villi lining the small intestine, which is caused by IgG or IgA type immune cells in celiac disease.  Sometimes a person is deficient in IgA antibodies and the doctor will do the IgG tests instead.

Please don't stop eating gluten (wheat, rye, barley) until after all testing is completed, as that could invalidate the test results.  The antibody tests aren't accurate if you aren't eating gluten.

Welcome to the forum! :) .


Interpretive Data
Values less than 2.00 mcg/mL represent absent or undetectable levels of allergen-specific IgG antibody. Values 2.00 mcg/mL and above indicate progressive increases in the relative concentration of allergen-specific IgG.
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