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Dear all,

I have found out during the summer, that I am intolerance to gluten. After 3 weeks suffering and "self diagnose" that all issues are after I eat flour base product. I have stopped to eat them and I am clear from all problems. My reactions are very quick, because several weeks ago I eat something with gluten by accident and I could feel it within one hour and I felt weak for over a day.

My doctor is really good, but he wants to test me, to find out where the problem is. He asked me to eat normal (not gluten free diet) for at least 3 weeks. But I am really worried that I will suffer like I did (over summer or in the last incident) for 3 weeks. Can't imagine that.

Any suggestions, do I need testing or keep off gluten without test?




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Hi Michaela!,

Your doctor is right, you need to be eating gluten for several weeks before an endoscopy test.  For the blood antibody tests you need to eat gluten for 12 weeks.  But it depends on how long it has been since you went gluten-free.  If it was more than a few weeks, you may not have enough antibodies in the bloodstream to be detected.

I can't say if you absolutely need to be tested.  That is up to each person to decide.  I can tell you it is easier to stay on gluten and get tested now than it will be later.  Going off gluten and starting to heal and then going back on gluten for testing can be very unpleasant.

Welcome to the forum! :)

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