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celiac rlated or just really gluten sensitive?

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I have been gluten free for about a year now, and have felt great.  We had gone out to eat for my brother's birthday over the weekend, and he chose the place to eat.   I was so very careful about what to eat or not eat while at the restaurant.  The waitress even gave pointers on what would be glutened or cc'd by gluten, and I had followed it to the best of my ability.  However, after about two-three hours I started getting the dreaded brain fog.  Thank goodness it started after my concert.  This lead into a foggy, crabby, and twitchy weekend.  Things finally started to even out by yesterday early evening.

My question for you all is this: Does reactions to gluten come this early if it was NCGS or would be an indicator of Celiac?  I will not be getting the endoscopy due to the extreme nature of my symptoms after even a molecule of gluten exposure.

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Who can say?  We all exhibit different symptoms when glutened (celiac disease or NCGI).  The only way to know for sure is an celiac disease blood test for a definite confirmation.  But we can't do that after every glutening.  And believe me, glutening symptoms can change.    Best to move forward and avoid eating out.  I know that no restaurant food is worth getting sick for me.  Call me paranoid, but it's the truth.  It's how I best function.  I eat out at 100% gluten-free restaurants (exception a sandwich shop who has a celiac disease kid and they have a separate assembly line and are highly trained) only.  My hubby is more adventurous, but my reaction is usually too severe.  If traveling internationally, I am willing to take risks.  In the US?  Not so much.   I do go out, but I usually order a drink and enjoy the company.  


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