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Do I have Celiac or DH??

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5 months ago I started getting these red bumps on face that didn't pop like pimples. Recently, they've turned into more blister type things. They're red and only have clear fluid in them, I've squeezed them and it seems like the liquid forms a bubble that can be wiped away. I'm tired all the time, I have bad depression ans I feel like I'm going crazy. The blisters form under my eyes on the side of my nose and some on my forehead, and my chin. Help! I don't know what this may mean. 

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I have had an itchy rash for almost a year. It started on my legs. Then as time went on it went to my knees and forearms and to the backs of my hands. Dermatologist put me on steroids and now that I'm off it's coming back. Also on lower flanks and fell itching in thighs. If I have a celiac test, will it show if I only have the skin reaction to gluten, or do I need specific biopsy? When I mentioned DH to dermatologist, he said it didn't show celiac. However when I read about biopsy for DH, all things say you need to biopsy adjacent to rash, not the rash itself. I'm thinking of finding a different doctor. But where do I start. I would eat gluten free, but how long would it take for rash to subside?


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Hi Mary Anne,

They take the skin biopsy from adjacent to a "lesion".  There are many possible symptoms of celiac disease.  DH is the skin rash symptom of celiac disease.

It can take a year for itching to go away from what I've read.  Reducing iodine intake during symptoms may help reduce their duration.  You have to be gluten-free for symptoms to subside as DH is an immune reaction caused by celiac disease.

A good place top start looking for knowledgable doctors is in a local support group.



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