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Is this positive blood test (I had negative biopsy)

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Hoping someone can provide some feedback!  I had blood panel done in June for celiac as I was having symptoms of gas, bloating, daily diarrhea.  Here is what lab results showed:

Tissue transglutaminase AB IGG 14. High

Immunoglobulin A. 77   Low
Tissue transglutaminase AB IGA  LESS THAN 1
Consider IGA deficiency.  Serological evidence of celiac disease
just had upper endoscopy and it came back negative!  
My GI ordered genetic test and advised me to try gluten free diet.  
I really haven't gotten an explanation on my initial blood work.  
Does it appear to be definite celiac from results?   If so why would I have a negative biopsy?

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Did they run any other labs? Were you eating gluten at the time of the test? Do you have a copy of the biopsy?  How many samples were taken?

There is an EMA and DGP test they could also run for you. In fact DGP is suggested for those with IGA deficiency. No test is perfect though. TTG can be positive for other things and even DGP can be misleading.

I have had some conflicting bloodwork myself and my first scope (6 weeks on gluten) was perfect. My second one (off gluten but not watching out for little contaminations) showed non-specific inflammation. It is possible your antibodies can rise prior to any real damage occurring.

See if they will run a couple of other blood tests before you are gluten free if they were not done before while you were eating gluten (google them and print them out for the doc, especially the DGP test, for those with low IGA).

Hopefully the doc will appreciate your research.

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