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I'm new here. Before eating gluten free I used to lift way more. Also, after each training I also took long walk to cool down. 


Since I started eating gluten free, I have lost strenght and I have difficulty lifting 315 pounds. During my "mega" year, I used to be one of the strongest at the gym..

What should I do? Should I eat chia? Drink energy drink? more coffee?





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Going to guess you cut out a bunch of enriched processed foods when you went gluten free. This would lower iron, zinc, etc. intakes. I might suggest a having more avocado, pumpkin seeds/pumpkin protein, almonds, coconut, and perhaps try adding in nutritional yeast to your meals. I personally use these along with vegan protein powders high in iron and magnesium along with supplements for B-vitamins and magnesium. Before a working I normally have the B-vitamins supplements, arginine, magnesium, and BCAA sometimes with a shot of espresso for the caffeine and afterwards straight for protein shake for recovery. If you can handle carbs, sweet potato and quinoa are good for body building along with bananas. Really need a bit more information about your current diet, limitations, health issues, and regime to give you more info. I would also really suggest talking to a dietician about your needs for your body as real medical advice would be better for you.

Also why did you go gluten free? Are you confirmed as to having celiac disease? Did you self diagnose? Or just a fad diet plan? If you think you might have it I would suggest getting the testing done first before going gluten free. Getting back on gluten after getting off of it for testing can be very harsh. You need to be on it eating at least a cracker or half a slice a bread a day for 12 weeks for the blood test or 2 for the endoscope. You really should get a full celiac panel done with follow up scope if you suspect your might be a celiac before going gluten free.

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