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Post Workout Protein Shakes

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I have been using a protein shake from Garden of Life for years and my gut had absolutely no issue with it, in fact when I took it my gut was the best it has ever been!

Here is a picture of the container...


But recently Garden of Life decided to completely change their protein shake formula and in doing so removed their original protein product line.  I was not at all happy with the flavor or thickness when I compared it to what I was used to over the years so I decided to try the Vega Sport Protein.  After sharing a tub (not all at once!) with my wife I realized my gut wasn't doing all that great when taking it.  So, I decided to go back to the new Garden of Life Protein, since the two products are extremely similar I thought my gut would do better.  Well my gut is reacting the same way with the new Garden of Life formula.

If I was king I wouldn't have removed a product that people have consumed and enjoyed for years, but rather introduce an additional product.  But I don't make rules, so I decided to call them only to be told this is what they are now offering, and that how study groups and product feedback was behind their change.

So with this all out of the way I am once again trying to find a Certified Gluten Free Protein Shake for after my workout that will not disrupt my GI track and cause irregularity.  And lastly my choice of workout is CrossFit and at the end I am wanting some kind of Protein Shake, doesn't have to be 20g-30g like the Vega and new Garden of Life, but something nonetheless that will help fill the void after my workouts.

Thanks for reading and feedback welcome.


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I use on rotation NutraKey V-pro which has a great blend and mixes great. And MRM Veggie Elite bit gritty but great balanced blend, these are my post workout choices. I Like to add a bit extra Sancha Inichi to the MRM blend for more fats and a nuttier taste along with my own almond butter. The V-pro I normally also have pumpkin seed protein powder (great source of recovery nutrients) Jarrow hemp on the side.

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I use the Vega Sport during weightlifting and crossfit-style workouts, because it dissolves well in water (I use more water than called for). I use PlantFusion after in a smoothie; I only ever buy the unflavored version of that because I mix it with fruit, but the flavors may be a good option. PlantFusion is the easiest on my stomach that I've found.

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