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Ms Ordinary

Are these more celiac symptoms?

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I posted a thread last week about my possible symptoms. I'm now noticing more.

Before I noticed more symptoms my previous ones were

- very underweight (about 92lb at 5'7)

- Itchy skin and scalp after eating gluten

-Keratosis pilaris

-Purple rings under eyes

-Brain fog

- Pooping shortly after gluten consumption


Now I'm noticing

-Poor coordination, got told off in an exam for repeatedly dropping my pencil case. Couldn't help it. Have been bumping into and dropping things all week. I also cannot catch anything and never have been able to.

-Bloated tummy. Today my waist has swelled by 3.5 inches. I am getting more and more weeble shaped. Looks dumb as my hipbones jut out.

-Feeling real tired after eating. 

Don't know of I'm reading too much into this but I think I should be tested for celiac disease. 

- LOUD tummy noises, when I'm not hungry.

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Hello , 

Bloating, fatigue & brain fog, stomach indigestion and pooping in excess sound like simuilar symptoms to my own. 

The other stuff sounds like malnutrition. Even fatigue and brain fog can be a sign of fat malnourishment bc healthy fat feeds your brain. It helps with brain function. I think you should focus on nutrition, specifically counting  macros for your healthy weight, like 130. You would have to slowly build up to this quantity of food, otherwise you could shock your body and no be able to stomach that amount of food. That way you can gain weight in the best way possible and be particular about your carbs. It my be handy to use a coach to calculate your food intake. I promise after three months things will be improved. 

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