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New testing and results question

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Hello.  New here.  Little background, i was sick starting new years with a sinus infection.  Was given augmentin which in turn wreaked havoc on my intestines.  Was tested 2 times for bacterial infections and im on my 3rd round of antibiotics for that.  Follow a bland diet.  In the mean time since i was not getting better (excessive and horrible bathroom issues and everything was making me sick) the dr added a gluten blood test as well.  I have been 'tested' loosley for GI and hashimotos's  in the past by my gyn and was always told negative even though she thought symptomatic.  I do have a large gallstone that is relatively quiet.  While i was eating this bland diet the past 2 months they had me eating basically bread, bagels, pasta which i kept saying made me feel horrible.  Blood work came back again negative for bacterial but he said i need an endoscopy because its looking like celiac (he said he suspected and ran test on a hunch) 

GLIADIN DEAMIDATED AB,IGA  5  Reference Range: <20 (unit

GLIADIN DEAMIDATED AB,IGG  32  Reference Range: <20 (units

TISSUE TRANSGLUTAM AB IGA  1  Reference Range: <4

(TTG) AB, IGG  1 Reference Range: <6

From what i have been reading the deamidated testing is pretty accurate but im curious 1 being out of range and 3 appearing ok, does any one hold more weight than others?  

Since drs have suspected in the past and few symptoms i had been describing even before i was sick he thinks ive had it and when the antibiotics rearranged everything in the gut the 'quiet' celiac was basically 'awakened' and now more obvious (and i had not been seeing a gastro dr before)

Does any of this make sense?  

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 I would highly suggest making sure you have a celiac savvy GI and a decent endocrinologist.

I have had some positive DGP tests as well and was told by a celiac research center that they are likely to not be as accurate as is portrayed online.

I literally am doing a second lengthier gluten challenge now and driving out of state to see a GI and am waiting AGAIN for another endocrinologist because I have been loosely diagnosed with possible celiac by my 2nd GI (after the first GI said no but forgot to run bloodwork). I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's by an endocrinologist despite having a normal antibody test, and then told by other docs I likely do NOT have Hashi's.

There is nothing more frustrating then feeling like s$#&, thinking you finally know why, then being told it may not be the case. You are left still searching.

Keep eating the gluten. Do not stop until all testing is done. Make sure your doc knows enough about celiac to take enough samples and run all of the relevant bloodwork (your panel should have a EMA test) and get a decent endo for the thyroid.

Good luck!







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